IPplan - IP address management and tracking

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IPplan is a free (GPL), web based, multilingual, IP address management and tracking tool written in php 4, simplifying the administration of your IP address space. IPplan goes beyond IP address management including DNS administration, configuration file management, circuit management (customizable via templates) and storing of hardware information (customizable via templates). IPplan can handle a single network or cater for multiple networks and customers with overlapping address space. See the introduction section for more.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright Information
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. New Versions
1.4. Credits
1.5. Feedback
1.6. Translations
2. Requirements
2.1. Databases
2.2. Additional features
3. Installation
3.1. Customization
4. Downloads, bugs and forums
4.1. Screenshots
5. Mode of operation
5.1. Services company
5.2. ISP
6. Concepts
6.1. Deployment strategy
6.2. Linking addresses
7. Administration
7.1. Admin user
7.2. Customer access
7.3. Subnet access
7.4. Group authority boundaries
8. Circuit administration, host configuration data and asset information
9. Device configuration file management
10. DNS administration
10.1. Handling exported zones
10.2. Automatic updating of zone records
11. Dealing with registrars
12. Searching
12.1. Searching for individual address details
12.2. Searching areas and ranges
13. Config file
14. Importing data
14.1. TAB delimited data
14.2. Importing using NMAP
15. Templates
15.1. Customer, Subnet, DNS and IP address templates
15.2. Registrar templates
16. DHCP
17. Triggers
18. External command line poller
19. IP address request system
20. Authentication schemes
21. Problems
22. Limitations
23. Questions and Answers (FAQ)

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