11. Dealing with registrars

Registrars are interacted with by email. IPplan can manage all the records and manage all the fields and data required to generate the registrar updates, no matter what the registrar is (ARIN, RIPE, APNIC etc). Before these functions will work, the correct config variables need to be set - these include the REGENABLED, MAINTAINERID, REGISTRY, REGEMAIL etc. Only users belonging to the customer admin group can send these updates. Additional fields can be added to the IPplan display pages if required, and these fields are also available to the registrar templates.

To generate updates, the required registrar template is selected. IPplan includes a limited number of templates, but these are fully customizable and simple to create and modify - see the section on "Templates" later in the manual. Once the template is selected, the fields from the database are substituted into the template file and the output is displayed on the screen. The user then selects which updates should be sent to the registrar. The selected updates are then sent via email and the date the updates were sent are recorded in the IPplan database.