2. Requirements

IPplan requires a working web server installation. Currently the Apache web server is preferred, but php as an ISAPI or CGI module on IIS works too - follow the appropriate installation instructions in the IPplan directory (INSTALL-IIS+MSSQL). Apache works just fine on Windows platforms too. For installing Apache on a Windows platform, follow these instructions. Or you can use AppServ or WampServer which are complete installation packages for Apache, MySQL and PHP for Windows - just add IPplan by following the installation instructions in the IPPLAN-WINDOWS file (part of IPPlan).

2.1. Databases

IPplan requires a working database installation. The following databases currently work:

The following may work, but are untested - Sybase. In fact, any database that supports SQL99 compliant joins, in particular LEFT JOIN, should work. See limitations section below for more.

The web scripting language php 4.1 or higher must also be installed as a module in Apache (NOT as a cgi). Php must have the preferred database driver compiled in and enabled. See the respective web sites and installation documents for more detail. IPplan works just fine with a combination of the Apache web server and php on a Windows platform - just read the relevant installation instructions for Windows carefully.


IPplan is also known to work in a distributed, replicated MySQL environment with multiple database servers. See www.oreilly.com for more information.

2.2. Additional features

To enable SNMP support, you will require the ucd-snmp package installed and configured in your environment. This must also be activated in the php configuration. SNMP support is only required if you wish to read routing tables directly from routers.