19. IP address request system

IPplan has a request feature whereby users can request individual IP addresses by completing a form. This form is then submitted into the IPplan database and via email to an administrator or help desk account for processing. When the administrator processes the request, all outstanding requests for a particular customer/AS will appear on the IP address modify screen. The administrator picks the relevant address from the list and all the fields are automatically completed with the request details. The administrator can then change some of the fields details before submitting. When the form is submitted, the request is deleted.

Up to 100 outstanding requests can be active at one time (this is configurable by changing a variable at the start of the requestip.php script). This is to prevent denial of service on the database as the request page is not authenticated. Excess junk requests can be cleared via an admin only option on the maintenance page.

Request email addresses are set in the config file. The list of visible customers/AS's that addresses can be requested for are also set via config options. The default is that addresses can be requested for all customers.

The request page also has the top menu structure disabled by default (this can be enabled by changing a variable at the start of the requestip.php script). Disabling the menu allows the page to be used as a generic request page on a sites intranet server without confusing regular users with menu options they cannot use or access.


If an email field exists in the iptemplate.xml file, this field will be used to popup an email window, allowing the newly actioned requested address to be emailed back to the requester. The email window will only display after Submit has been pressed and the user has entered a valid email address.

A sample definition for this field is as follows:

 <DEFINITION NAME="email" DESCRIP="Email address" TYPE="C" MAXLENGTH="100" SIZE="100" ROWS="1" DEFAULT="" REGEX="" ERRMSG="Invalid field: Additional information" />    

See the section on templates for more information.

If a valid email address is found in the above field you will be given the option to email the details back to the requester. The gateways are site specific and can vary - manual completion of this field is required unless one of the subnet addresses has a description field starting with GW. This address will then be used as the gateway address in the email.