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Thanks to ValueHunt Inc. for the use of their layout class used for rendering all HTML pages.

Thanks to AdoDB for the use of their generic database abstraction class.

Thanks to Vex for their Visual Editor for XML used to generate the IPplan documentation.

Thanks to The PHP Layers Menu System for their menu system.

Thanks to PHPMailer email transfer class for PHP.


Nickola Kolev for the Bulgarian translation - nikky at

Conrado Pinto Rebessi for the Brazillian translation - conradopinto at

Tadashi Jokagi for the Japanese transalation - elf2000 at

Vladimir Leshchenko for the Russian translation - worker at

Gilles Mocellin for the French translation - gilles.mocellin at

Dr. Michael Weller for the German translation - michael.weller at

Calligaris Andrea for the Italian translation - cddef at

Major contributors

These people have made major contributions to IPplan - Contributors

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