Chris Yates - “Two years ago, the only IP management scheme we had in our organization was some text files maintained on three separate Unix systems, and one spreadsheet on a Network Administrator’s local workstation. We were about to embark on a significant network management centralization effort, and needed a way to manage all of the IP address space that we were currently managing in addition to IP addresses from eight other large data centers. After much searching for a commercial product to serve this purpose, I found IPplan in the sourceforge projects list. I downloaded it, installed it, and have been extremely pleased with its flexibility, and ease of use. We now rely on the information we maintain in IPplan as the authoritative source for information about the hosts that we manage. The addition of user defined templates was just what the other network administrators were asking me to do custom hacks for. It seems that the active community surrounding this software, and its author, are constantly looking for ways to improve it and enhance its functionality. I’ve received excellent support from the author whenever I’ve needed a bit of ”help“ with some custom coding that I’ve been interested in modifying for my own needs. We’ve been through four different versions now and are going to upgrade to the latest this week. Many thanks to Richard and everyone else for this excellent tool. You’ve made my life MUCH easier!!”

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